2Dirs1Cup FAQ


Q. How do I specify a filename extension with spaces in it?

A. A bit of a hypothetical, really. Use quote marks. eg: .doc .xls ".my ext" .gif. If any apps in the wild use filename extension with spaces, complain!

Q. How did this app come about?

A. This one's actually a quickie app that was written to complete a dull task; one I was told was likely to take 2 days of tedious manual slog. An hour later and a simple command-line tool was written and tested. Transforming that into a nice GUI app with all the trimmings took around 3 days on top of that, and that was Version 1.00.

Q. What does this software have to do with the unmentionably infamous videoclip of a similar name?

A. Very little. It seemed like a nice, fun and memorable name. I guess there are two directories and one cup of... No, lets not go there.

Q. Isn't the tea in that application icon a bit... brown?

A. Hush you! While we're here, I'd also like to note that the excellent icon used by 2Dirs1Cup (both Windows and Mac OS X) is by Archigraphs and used under the CC Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivate 3.0 license :)

Q. What's in this tool's future?

A. It's essentially feature complete. Updates only if/when bugs are found, an OS vendor releases something that violates their own API specs, or Apple changes CPU architectures again.

Mac OS X

Why do I get "No extensions to add" when I use the Plus button?

A: It's a known issue, and investigation really depends on enough people using the app on the Mac platform to warrant the tracking it down.